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Chicago Mixtape

This is a must for any local music fan! If you haven’t subscribed yet, I highly recommend visiting and inputting your email. Every week they send you a downloadable mix of 8 or 9 local artists and it’s totally FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE!

Chicago has thousands of awesome bands, and they can be tough to find or sort through. seems to have their thumb to the pulse of what’s good around town; the last few mixes have included tracks by faves like RAMBOS, RABBLE RABBLE, and THE RUNNIES. The best part is that when you like a song you can go see the artist whenever you want because it’s all LOCAL CHICAGO BANDS! Crazy! Anyone can become fluent in all the great shows and bands happening around town.

These guys are doing a great job: not only are songs are well curated and ordered, but the emails include information about upcoming shows, releases, band websites, etc— everything you need to know. Technology at its finest.

The earlier you sign up, the better because you can only download the mixes the week that they’re dropped.

Really this is just another great example of people working their asses off to make this whole scene a better place to grow and perform as an artist as well as as audience members. High five everybody.

Chicago Mixtape are throwing their first show at the Empty Bottle this Friday with Ornery Little Darlings (Pilsen), The Juliets (Detroit), Fatty Acids (Milwaukee), and Continental Breakfast (Chicago). If you subscribe now at they’ll send you an email with free downloads by all these bands!

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